Loving / "Unlimited Power" written by Tony Robbins / with A Peek into Zoey's World

If you've wondered what someone may think of Tony Robbins' book Unlimited Power and wish they'd take the time to give you take-aways from each chapter search no further. You've found that someone!
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About This Product:

I want to share why I'm such a HUGE fan of Tony Robbins.

 It's like a got to know him personally. Like a friend. That being said there's truth to this quote, "A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever." ~ Marin Tupper.

There's reasons for this ... BIG reasons.  This will take 27 short videos. Each video will share personal experience and concentrated effort put into exercises coached by Tony Robbins throughout his book Unlimited Power. 

There's one short video for each chapter and there's 21 chapters. I love them all. But even more than that ... I love who I've become by making it a goal to share this book. 

It wasn't always easy. To do the exercises. Well, that's not true. It's easy enough to do the exercises. It was me ... my story about what I thought I felt and believed before I actually did some of those exercises which made it difficult. Fear ... and dancing with my fears. That's what I had to do. Plus, creating the time to do them.

You will see ...

  • BEFORE doing the exercises coached by Tony in Unlimited Power (How I really felt!)
  • And, the AFTER doing the exercises coached by Tony Robbins (How I changed!)
  • PLUS how I see Tony as a best friend as he helps me chapter by chapter become more of who I really am. How cool is that?
  • Wait! There's more! You will meet a stunning Cat-tress! Yes, Zoey is my cat. She is the star of each and every video. She acts the part exceptionally well, I couldn't be more proud of her.

There's another thing ...

I have to be totally honest with you ... everything I just said is true. But you don't have the whole story yet. In short, creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart is my PASSION. 

So, creating these videos for you was pure joy. Except for one part. Which lol has nothing to do with anything. And, now that I look back on it ... I could go so far as to say ... what was that? haha Like Tony says, there's always something that tests you, right? Like the universe saying, you sure you want to do this? That was my test. I past, and did it anyway! lol

I hope you enjoy the videos ... I wish you the best! And, would love nothing better than to cheer you on as you work your way through the exercises in Unlimited Power or any other book which empowers you to be your best self. Whatever that is for you.

Happy Breakthroughs!

Program Details

Loving Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
Available Now
Some Things You Might Want to Know
Available Now
Personal Growth Spurts
Available Now
Definition of My Communication Gap
Available Now
A Time to Paws. A Time to Listen.
Available Now
Communication is Everything
Available Now
It's Not So Much What I Say As It Is How I Say It
Available Now
Ready to Call Nonsense on the Communication Gap
Available Now
The Challenge to Speak Up Came Down to Beliefs
Available Now
A Taste of Modelling Success
Available Now
Hit Singles for the Jukebox of Stored Experiences
Available Now
The Strategy Purrfect for Personal Growth Spurts
Available Now
Everyone has a Love Strategy. Even Zoey.
Available Now
Stretching. Anytime Shoulds Transform into "As if".
Available Now
How to Work Love-Hate Internal Representations
Available Now

When it Comes to Goal Setting Tony Shares the Whole Enchilada
Available Now
For the Love of Communication
Available Now
The Bridge Between the Two Worlds of Any Conversation
Available Now
Which Path to Greater Rapport?
Available Now
Dancing First Steps With My Biggest Fears
Available Now
How Reframes Become Key to Mastering Your Emotions
Available Now
Best Anchors Beat Unawareness of Anchors Hands Down
Available Now

All-Inclusive Value Hierarchies - Beliefs! Hesitations! Desires! Decisions! Needs! Plus!
Available Now
When Tony Robbins hands you the keys AND gives you a road-map, do you take it?
Available Now
How Awesome Communication Makes Sense of My World
Available Now
The Winner Is Awesome Communication
Available Now
What Everybody Ought to Know About Awesome Communication
Available Now

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Becky West

I'm Becky West, founder of "How to Create a Course Expanding Superhero Superpowers", dedicated to becoming VAK smart, and enthusiastic about creating content specific to the beauty of breakthroughs.
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I'm on a mission to empower the inner team to step up, embrace opportunity, and make a difference only this one team can make.

As a regular everyday woman, with a background in Robbins-Madanes Training and as an avid student of Tony Robbins, I took personal growth, personal development, and being an entrepreneur at heart into my own hands to find answers to the rock solid belief that I was caught in a communication gap.

My research and work turned into helping me discover how I completely eliminated that disempowering belief and replaced it with the belief that awesome communication IS a part of my life now.

I've never been so excited to share with the person who realizes that although yes, they can make a great contribution to their students and the world, but wonder just how much greater that contribution could be, if only they became VAK smart?

If you are that person let's get started! It's a truly amazing feeling to becoming VAK smart. 
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